Office Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are also known as modular carpeting, and it is an alternative to traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.  It is the modular aspect of carpet tile which lends toward its popularity, where traditional carpeting is installed in a single contiguous piece across the installation area, carpet tile is fitted together from square segments, much like traditional tiles.

Therefore, carpet tile combines the flexibility and malleability of traditional carpet, with the infinitely customizable patchwork installation process of tile.  Obviously, traditional tile installs smoothly and easily throughout the bulk of any given area, and only offers challenges at the outer edges, when it’s time to cut.

Carpet tile is much more easily cut to the appropriate shape than ceramic or stone tiles.  A carpet tile is also easy to replace should it become damaged, which is an advantage it has over both traditional carpet and traditional tile.


Commercial Carpet Tiles

High traffic areas at the office, school or retail outlet obviously reap the same from carpet tiles those in the home.  Carpet tiles offer commercial users other benefits as well, one of which is customization.  Whether the need for variation in a commercial flooring scheme is functional or aesthetic, it’s quite simple and cost effective to vary things up using carpet tile.

There is also significantly less waste associated with carpet tile installations, which will not only help with the bottom line it will also demonstrate the efficiency consciousness of an organization.  In addition to all this, commercial grade carpet tile offers superior durability over other carpeting options.


Innovate With Carpet Tiles!

When you choose carpets, the only choice that makes sense is carpet tiles.  Contemporary carpet tiles are available in a myriad of fashions and colors, it’s adaptable and durable.  In noisy environments with heavy traffic, where hygiene and durability are priorities, carpet tiles are the ideal solution.


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